Should I start over in a new state?

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I took my real estate brokers course in Illinois but have yet to take the state exam to get my license because I moved to Tennessee three days after passing my class room exam. Should I go back to Illinois to take the state exam? Is it possible to take Illinois exam here in Tennessee? Or should I start over here in Tennessee?

Umm... are you planning on going back to live in Illinois?  If yes, then go take the state exam.  If not, then start over in Tennessee, though, just be sure you'll be there for awhile.  You don't want to move again and the same thing happens to you with the Illinois exam.

Thanks David. I’m not sure if this is a permanent move. I do have properties in Indiana that I plan on renting out so I know I will be back and forth.

Well, you could always finish getting your licensw in Illinois and then a RE license in TN or IN, especially if you're going back amd forth.

Though, do you just want a RE license for your own benefit or to be an agent to help others buy and sell?

I didn’t  know you can have multiple real estate licenses. I want my license to help others buy and sell. 

You sure can!  Just be sure you know the CE requirements once you get them, because each state is different.

As an insurance agent I have a resident agent license in Illinois and non resident licenses in Missouri and  Michigan.

This is probably the case for real estate agents as well. However, the class you took was for an Illinois Resident, since that is no longer the case not sure what to tell you.

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