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I’m looking in to becoming a real estate agent. I’ve been involved in sales for years now and I’ve had many people suggest to me that I should get involved in real estate sales. My ultimate goal is to get into real estate investment but I feel like I would really enjoy being an agent and I could learn more about the industry as well. I’m going back to college to finish my degree and I’m turn will do real estate part time. The area I go to school is very small but is surrounded by bigger towns within an hour driving. I’m looking for any suggestions on how to get started and really thrive. I don’t do anything half way and this won’t be any different. Look forward to all the great advice! Thank you!

@Jamie Cain I am not a fan of college to he honest but I understand the get a job and have security thing. You wont set up your financial future working at a 9-5. I would get your license then work under a top producer on their team for a few years and learn how they think and work. I would also start hanging around very successful people who do what you want to do at a very high level. Your real education will start there.

Hello @Jamie Cain

Follow your gut! If you want to try being an agent then do it. You can always go down a different path professionally.

Other advice I have is know your numbers. I always checked my agent’s knowledge of comps in the area and if they didn’t know I would move on to another agent.

Investing wise I would become familiar with 1% rule and the 50% rule. If you need help with them feel free to message me. Plus would love to connect to learn about your markets and to help.

@Jamie Cain Welcome to BP and I'm excited to hear you are looking into REI! Like @Alex Deacon said I don't think college would benefit you if you want to become an agent. That is a safe and normal/average thing to do. Is college really what you want or what others are telling you to do? Will it help you become a better agent and salesman? Is the money spent on college going to make you that much more money in real estate with that degree/education? If it will then by all means go ahead, if that is what's best for you. My opinion is that college is a waste if you want to achieve financial freedom through real estate. Your time and money is better spent elsewhere gaining knowledge and experience. I'm very glad to hear you were in sales because that will make you that much better of an agent! The one thing I can suggest is however you choose to make money make sure you save some to invest in real estate in the future. Good luck and I wish you the best!

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