Tips on working with a New Home Builder

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A client of mine is very adamant about purchasing a new home from a builder. I've never worked with builders before as an agent. What are some dos and dont's that you've learned throughout the years? I've heard stories (positive and negative) about stubborn negotiations, sales reps trying to plant bugs in clients ears about not using an agent, nice BTSAs, etc. I've identified 40 builders in the desired sub market in Houston. Need your help.


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Yea, hi Micheal.

I recommend you go arround to the local builders and sign up for their programs. Not sure how they do things in texas, but here in port st lucie Fl, we register on their sites, and when we bring someone to them, they pay us commision. Either way, I recommend you build a relationship with them that way you can be assured that you will be paid. Instead of seeing them as the enemy or just competition. Find out how you can use them to further yourself in a manor that is mutally benifficial. Sometimes working with a builder is the easiest way to get paid, all you have to do is bring the client in, they will take care of the rest. Now when it comes to the client, the best stategy is to incentivise them to use you and make sure the builder knows it is you who sent them. you do that by contributing atleast 1k towards their closing. this money will come from your commision. For exampole, on a new built worth 200k if your commision is 3% that is 6k in commission. all you should have to do, is make an introduction. I dont know about you, but thats preety easy money. so why not gift or provide 1-2k to a client to sweeten their deal, Imean they did just line your pocket, and save you time. ;-) Anyway, this trategy is based on what works in my market. tweak it and make it work for yours. Warm Regards, Danny O

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