Looking for a broker in Tampa area

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I'm curious as to where the best place to hang my license would be. I'm particularly interested in real estate investing and want to become one myself one day. Are there any specific brokerages in the area that would help with that? 

I'd be open to joining a team as well. I'm just hungry to get the ball rolling!

I guess it would depend on how much help you are looking for. The general things I have seen is ones with good training courses and better assistance will take a good percentage of the split such as Keller Williams.

If you know how to do all the basics in a real estate transaction or how to market yourself etc... then there are brokerages out there that charge a small monthly fee and per transaction fee and let you keep 100%. For example I am with Charles Rutenberg out of Clearwater. Its $35 a month and $295 per transaction with me keeping 100% after the transaction fee (which you could pass onto the buyer if a buyers agent or other real estate agent if its your listing if you wanted too).

Hello Kevin, 

I agree with @Brian Varmuza . It depends on your goals both short term and long term. For me, real estate is primary and investing in secondary so it effected which companies I looked at. Give me a call and we can talk about it in more detail. 

@Brian Varmuza

Thanks for the reply! I have family in real estate that I can fall back on for any training gaps and have been along for the ride for some transactions. I think I'd probably lean more towards less training and keeping more of my money. I am taking a good look around the area to see what's out there. 

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