Career Pivot need advice

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It’s been 14 months since I’ve been licensed in Los angles ca. no sales since then but I’ve managed to net $10K in commissions doing leases which is great don’t get me wrong I’m with a big name brokerage. Everything I’ve been doing is not working cold calling expired with RedX , mailers , door knocking , FSBO. I’m starting to think maybe I just don’t have the work ethic but I try everyday. With my wife’s business which is doing well has been for some time I’ve got some cushion, I was thinking why not go into business for my self? Focusing on leases and management later. I know I’m very very very green to the real estate industry however I’ve learned a lot in this time the training I’ve received is second to none and I’ve learned from the best people I can learn from. Just a thought but a serious one I’d be saving 36% each transaction which adds up big in so cal.

If you made only $10k in 14 months living in Socal, I feel bad for you. But, I'd what you made is sufficient the you found a decent niche. Leasing can lead to sales. Stay in touch with the tenants you represented by asking for referrals AND the owners. You can get the owners # from the tenants. 

As an agent you need to time block. And minimum 3 hrs / day has to be dedicated to prospecting, the rest is following up on the leads and doing the actual work. Like Steve asks, how many hours per day are you prospecting?