Investor friendly Agents & Hard Money Lenders - Birmingham, AL

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Hey guys, I'm currently working on my first deal, building a good solid team, etc. Don't have a lot of pocket money to work with so I was wondering if anybody knew any good hard money lenders in the Birmingham Metro area and also an investor friendly agent or broker that could help me with the the best financing options. Not too worried about not making the money back, just need a good foundation to get things going! Thanks in advance!!

@Ethan Morgan

Here are a few ways to connect with HML's;

1. Local meetups

2. Speaking with realtors

3. Speaking with title companies


1. BiggerPockets 'Network' tab where you can search for HML's by state.

2. Online search/databases. Simply by searching online you can find a number of quality reputable national lenders. If you want to get more specific, then you can type in your location, e.g. 'Alabama' along with your hard money lender search query. 'Alabama hard money lender' would be a reasonable starting point.

Best of luck!