Becoming a RE agent to become an investor

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Hello everyone! I really have a big passion to become a real estate investor and that is my true plan but I don’t have any experience or enough knowledge in the area except the informations that I got from the books tha i have been reading and videos I‘ve been watching to educate my self and also I don’t have cash to invest I was thinking to start by wholesaling and I also tried to but know am thinking that I need to take time to learn and get more experience instead of just jump into it So, what came to my mind was becoming a real estate agent( b/c if I become a RE agent I will get the chance to work with a licensed broker w/h helps me to learn a lot) so I meat a local brokerage firm here in NY thanK fully they let me Work As an Office Accistant until I get my License and Know am workIng There as office accistant 2 Days a Week and Working Somewhere else as well(to pay my bills) and taking my course online So do you think this is the right strategy? Can this take me to successfully RE investing business or is this a waist of time? I appreciate Any +ve opinions Thank you!!

@Marta Kebede    There are many different ways to get going in Real Estate, like you I didn't have a ton of experience so I got my license. I ultimately want to transition from an agent to a real estate investor but I feel like obtaining my license will help me gain the experience and education to make that shift. Another popular strategy that I see a lot of people engaging in is "Wholesaling". I thought about going this route but ultimately settled on getting my license. Whatever path you choose just make sure that your 100% behind it. It is expensive to get your license and time-consuming as well. Best of luck.