Real estate license? Michigan, or Indiana?

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A little background.

I am 24 years old. I moved up to Sturgis, MI(mile over the MI/IN state line). I currently work In RV factory in Shipshewana, IN

I went from running an in-house landscaping/maintenance crew for an investor in Tampa, FL working 50-60hrs/week to working less then 30hr/week, making twice the net pay.

My question, with the long term goal of being a buy and hold investor, Now Having a lot more time on my hands, and a little more money would becoming a real estate agent make sense?

I'm thinking it would as it would help me learn the process, and even then I'm not sure which state it would be best to pursue a license with?

I going to try to schedule meetings with a few different local brokers to get thier thoughts. But having just joined BPs website I thought I would ask on here as well.

@Judah Beckel

Doing business in 25 mile radius is more common.  If you are in the border zone; then you can take license from both the states.  Once you prepare for one real estate exam; the other would be relatively easier; as there would be overlap of items related to requirements of license.

Originally posted by @Scott Matthew C. :

@Judah Beckel You live in Michigan. Get your MI license here.

That makes sense. Is there a school you would recommend? 

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