Online or In person real estate school?

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It will depend on your learning style. I know that I am good at taking online classes and self-directed learning. So that's what I did. If I don't have to do an in-person class, then I prefer not to. If you need an instructor to go over material and hold you accountable, then you will benefit from taking an in person class. I don't think that the class is incredibly relevant to the career. So my recommendation is to do whatever method will be the easiest for you to complete and learn enough to pass your test.

Your real training will begin once you are licensed.  

@Logan Singleton I highly recommend going in person if you are unfamiliar with Real Estate in general. You will be able to ask questions in person and learn from the questions your peers may ask in class. I took the class in person and online. Online is much harder in my opinion because you’re not able to skip around and you can’t skip topics that aren’t important as you would be able to do so in class. Good luck! @Logan Singleton