PODCASTS on the best way to get your RE license or advice?

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I enjoy listening to BP podcasts but have a hard time finding specific topics I’m looking for, is there a way to search for specific topics? I’m looking for the best route to acquire my real estate license? Etc. Any other Advice or tips on the route I should take? Thank you in advance for your feedback!


Each state is different with regards to how they regulate licensing. For example - in NC new agents must attend classes in person, however, MD allowed me to take the classes online.  (I am currently stationed in MD, but invest in NC).

Once I was licensed in MD - NC issued my license via reciprocity. It was a round-about way to get my NC license, but I work full time and could not attend class during the week. 

Check out the requirements in SC and give the local association of realtors a call.