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Hello Realtors/Investors I am beginning to start out in Real Estate at 35 coming from the Banking Industry. I am in a competitive market and recently laid off twice from Banks so Im looking to change careers and have always thought about Real Estate however im in experienced. I have an associates degree in business and 36 credit hours away from a bachelors in business or economics but hesitant of finishing and pursuing full time real estate. I have been hearing alot of stories and truly would like to get opinions from BP members on how to get started and suggestions...Thanks all suggetions I would greatly appreciate as a beginner investor

@Kerry R Harris it depends on a few things....

Do you have cash to invest or are you planning on financing?

Are you currently employed?

What type of investing are you interested in?

@Kerry R Harris

If you're only 36 credit hours away from a bachelor's in business I'd suggest you do real estate AND your degree at the same time. It never hurts to have fall back options or a W-2 type job when applying for a loan to buy a property.

Starting off without a job or experience is going to be difficult to get going unless you have a decent amount of experience or money. I'd also suggest you go work with someone currently working in Real Estate (ideally in whatever method you're wanting to jump in) so you can learn the ropes as you work there.

@Kerry R Harris I recommend in the beginning that you not try to do everything on your own, if that is what you are thinking of doing, and you try to find a local investor in your area that you can work with on the first couple of projects.

Can you finish your BA in Real Estate that might fill some of your course work for licensing.

I am in similar boat, got my AA and over 65+ credits towards BA but not enough in any one area to get my BA, I looked at going back but the only reason is if I wanted to get a corporate job. 

But you are close, buckle down and finish, take an online BA but at least you will have it. I wish I did that at your age.

Getting into RE as an agent is not going to give you security[if you have banking experience that will help], its a grind and takes time and money to make money. If you are good at getting out there and sales thats the majority of the business.

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