Buying Close to College Campuses, Good Idea or Bad?

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My name is Peter and I wondering if anyone has any opinions on buying properties close to college campuses? To me it seems like a great idea as you will always have a large pool of renters and as the school gets bigger and bigger I would assume the demand to be close to campus would increase as well as an increase in property value.

Thanks for all the future advice! :)

@Peter Tonsits , lots of variables here. One advantage is the the university provides a steady economic base that usually doesn't waiver too much during recessions.

People think about colleges as just students and professors, but of course there is a whole army of people that work in maintenance, administration, etc., just like any large company. Those people need workforce housing and shouldn't be overlooked.

Narrow down what kind of properties you want to focus on. Student housing can be very profitable, but there are nuances that have to be understood. Workforce housing is an area of opportunity, just don't buy it in the middle of a "student" neighborhood. I promise you they don't want to live there!

@Jaysen Medhurst thanks for that info! I didn't even think to think of the other people that would go into making a school run. I appreciate the time!

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