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Hello everyone,

I just passed my associate broker exam and I am trying to desperately find an employing broker that charges a flat rate or a very low commission split/desk fee as I intend to use my license for personal transactions and investment properties as well as for family and friends. I've read several posts where people have recommended Broker's Guild and Equity but they all charge 30% commission split on the first 3 transactions. Broker's Guild now charges a desk fee as well. I am hoping to find someone that will provide a good support system but charges a flat rate or even low commission split. Several people have recommended KW for their training. Does anyone know what is involved with that? How long is the training and how many hours a day is it? What is KW's fee structure?

Many thanks in advance!

I'm also in the same boat and very interested in finding a fair managing broker where I can keep my own commission. I have no interest in third party clients. I also heard Metro Brokers is a good option, but they charge a $150/month desk fee. I didn't notice a commission share though.

@S Rusch @David Ray

I was a KW agent for about a year and my split was "70/30" which was really 64/36 after the 6% coaching fee that has to be paid on your first few transactions. In addition to that, I had to pay a 27K cap before collecting 100% on my deals.

My current brokerage offers a better split, lower monthly fee thank KW and Metro Brokers, 16K/year cap, stock in the company, and lots more.

There are definitely more options out there. Its all about testing out all of the models that interest you and landing the one that makes the most sense for you and the goals you're aiming for.

Best of luck to you moving forward!