Real Estate License But Not for a Career

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Whats going on BP community! I have a question about considering a real estate license. Im not looking to become a real estate agent for full time employment as i own a business and that takes up most of my time. But would it be wise to get my Real estate license to get MLS access and have the ability to be both an investor and an agent depending on the situation. I guess having a friendly agent would work but I don't like that im not in control of finding deals but instead leaving that to someone else to bring deals to me? Thoughts ? Concerns? What are the pros and cons of investing this way? Thanks in advance for any insight!

@Account Closed yes I’m aware of all the responsibility and cost of being a licensed agent. Do you ever feel you miss out on deals or maybe better deals because you don’t have that direct access? I just assumed having the best of both worlds of being able to represent a seller or just disclose i am an agent investing on my own behalf would favor my real estate investing career. But i see your point clearly.