How much Start out cash do you need

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Hello Jayden. Well there isn't going to be an exact figure on this. You can literally just have enough money to pay for the classes, exam, and licensing fees. It's a very vague question so all I can give is this vague answer and say as much as possible. It will vary person by person, situation by situation. Good luck! 

@Jayden Grissom in Ohio I had to pay around $1400 for the class then you have to pay for the test. Also be a member of the local and national RE association and pay for the electronic key opener rental. Im not sure what it’s like in other states but I had about 2k to start. Hope this helps!

First things first!  When you get into Real Estate you are officially an Entrepreneur and a Business Owner.  Which means that all the costs associated with starting your business fall on you. 

That said, you want to lead from Revenue. So you only spend what is absolutely necessary and the rest waits until you start closing on some deals.

So with that in mind, here are some of the “needed” items:

- Licensing Course

- Licensing Exam w State

- Fingerprinting and background check

- Once licensed, you will have to join the National/State/County realtor association to gain access to the MLS and other tools to help you get started.

- In most states you will be required to do post-licensing training and testing.  This could wait, but most agents get it done right away so they do not have to worry about it later. 

The above are needed costs.  Depending on your state they could run between $2000 - $3000 dollars.

- Your fuel bill in your car and maintenance will go up as you will be on the road a lot more.

Other costs that you could incur:

- Signage

- Dialers

- Additional specialty certifications

- Additional training

- Advertising

- Setting up you LLC,PA or PLLC

- Accounting softwares

- Others

You may be able to delay some of these by leveraging folks in your brokerage to lend you signs and help you market your Open Houses and such until you start getting your own listings. 

My recommendation is to save about $3000 to get you started.

I hopes this helps you.


In PA, it was $400 for the classes. $50 for the exam (pass or fail). $107 for the application to the state after the passed exam. Keller Williams wanted a $350 gate price PLUS $98/month. Other brokerages didn't have a fee to join and typically have a lower monthly fee. You pay out of pocket for For Sale signs ($50-100each), Open House signs ($20-$35each), sign posts & stakes ($4-$85 each), business cards ($40-90). If you're required to be a Realtor that's another $500/year, MLS is $420/year in PA. I've been a Realtor for less than 3 months and I'm $2400 in the negative, that does NOT include all the gas I've used getting to offices and Open Houses that are an hour away. 

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