Recommended Real Estate Management company in or near Lubbock, Tx

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Hello everyone,

To keep this short and sweet, I plan to join the Air Force in the next couple of weeks and will need professional help renting and maintaining my new home in Lubbock, Tx.

I’ve done some research on a few companies in Lubbock, but wanted to know if there were any hidden gems I was unable to find that you were aware of.

As an aside, I’ve entertained the idea of finding a professional Airbnb management company as well. But the only local group looks to be Housechasers, unfortunately they have not returned any of my calls. I’d be more than happy to take any recommendations the community has though.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses in advance!

So far we have had two PM's in Lubbock. The first was Hawkize Management, long story but things got so bad that we were forced to file a complaint with TREC, stay far away from them. During that period we switched all of our properties over to Location Rentals and have been very happy. 

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