What are you doing to advertise your agency?

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Hi, I work with a few real estate agents at the moment and I was curious as to what other agents are doing to advertise.

Whether it be google ad words, Facebook, instagram.. 

If you could respond with what you’re doing that works.. or doesn’t work

If you need help and are open to what strategies I’ve found helpful

Or if it’s all word of mouth.  

Again I’m curious and I’d love to hear from everyone!



There is generally 3 schools of thought about how to go about "advertising," or let's say lead generating. 1. Buying the business: this is your traditional advertising, buying zillow leads, etc. 2. Cold calling or going after business by chasing it 3. Building a relationship based business. There is no right way to do it, all of these methods work. Finding what works best for you and sticking to a plan consistently is where you will find the most success. I have a real estate coach who told me on our last call a lot of times it's not about how genius your marketing plan or advertising is...it's just about showing up. If you show up in enough places you will find business. It is obviously hard work but pick a plan...stick with it for 60-90 days. See if it fits you. If you like what your doing stick with it. If you fail try something else until you find the right thing that fits you. Unless you get lucky you aren't going to have success right away but eventually your hard consistent work will pay up. Good luck!

hyper local facebook ads.

  • start a page for a neighborhood you want to farm.
  • When homes sell or get listed in the neighborhood, post it on the page
  • make an ad that uses negative pins so that only people in the neighborhood see it.
  • the picture in the ad, should have something identifiable in it so that when the person sees they recognize the neighborhood.
  • The text should NOT BE "find out how much your home is worth". The text should be "find out what homes are selling for in <neighborhood name>"
  • After they give you their email, set them up on a list that send the sales in that neighborhood every month along with other marketing stuff.
  • find another neighborhood and repeat

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