Newly licensed in PA looking to work with Investors

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I'm working backwards here. My true interest is in being an investor. So far, I've had a bad experience trying to do it this way; but honestly, the only reason I'm a realtor is to go into investments. I want to work with/for investors who will have patience with me as a "newbie" and not judge me prematurely. In exchange for your guidance and experience I can offer Open Houses, MLS searches, and other agent related activities.

I'm newly licensed in PA, soon to be licensed in NJ. I work the far northeast Philadelphia & Bucks County, and sometimes Montgomery county. Once licensed in NJ I can work Burlington, Mercer, Camden, and possibly Gloucester. I'm looking for someone to REALLY work with! Someone who won't mind me being part of the process, like a shadow. The best way to learn is through observation. I'm not one of HGTV's hammer-swinging Barbie dolls. But we can still help each other! Even if you are also licensed but want someone to handle the administrative side so you can focus more on the reno side that's great too. 

Reply or PM. Thanks!

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