Lead generation advice?

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Newly licensed in GA and looking for different or unique ways to generate new leads.  Things I am doing so far:

Hosing open houses for other agents in the office.

Sponsoring neighborhoods on Nextdoor (much cheaper than the big .coms).

Using my 'sphere' to work with family and friends.

Joining local cambers to source leads

Joining groups on Facebook 

What other cost effective ways would you advise sourcing leads for buyers and sellers?  Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.

I think Dean Jackson is one the smartest real estate marketers I've seen. he has a podcast called "listing agent lifestyle" and his real estate website is gogoagent.com. I would take the money you are spending on nextdoor and spend it on his ideas.

I've been marketing my wife for years and his program gets the most leads. It consists of hyper local neighborhood farms where you offer home sales reports. 

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