Using Multiple Realtors to Find Property

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If I'm searching for specific property on the MLS, is it ok to use more than one realtor with the same criteria. My concerns are; is it ethical, how is it recieved on the agents part, do I tell them? Should I work with one at a time until I find one I like, or can I give the same search criteria to multiple at the same time etc..?

I'm asking because it seems kind of shady, at least to me. And I dont really want to offend anybody. But I do want the best professional I can find. Some people work faster than others, and are a lot more meticulous/professional.

What are your thoughts on this?

@Brandon Brown . Brandon, It can become very odd if you are using multiple Realtors to help you find property.  What do you do when several of them show up with the same house?  How do you explain it?  It can become very touchy and there is a good chance the Realtor will not work with you unless they are your exclusive buyer's agent.

All that said, if you work with a good Buyer's Agent, you will not have a need for anyone else.  Your agent should have a discussion with you to ensure he/she is intimately in tune with your needs and wants.  This will allow them to go on a search for property that will meet your specific criteria.  This alone will save you a lot of time searching for property chasing after things on the online websites that do not reflect if things are under contract already or withdrawn, and will lead to where your time is spent looking at the right property (limited number) and focusing on making a decision quickly.

I hope this helps you.