How to market STR for sale to 60,000 Ann Arbor football fans?

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We have a flip we are marketing, and it happens to be very close to the University of Michigan stadium. Many homeowners in the surrounding neighborhoods rent their entire houses for football and graduation weekends, and other big events like exhibition matches with Manchester United, etc. I've done this and know firsthand you can make around $40,000 as a house-hacking strategy with your personal residence. AirDNA shows potential full-time income of $115,000 for this house, with 4 bedrooms. I think the average buyer looking at houses in Ann Arbor doesn't really have this on their radar, though. Any ideas on how to reach a group of buyers interested in house-hacking this way, or the 60,000+ football fans that walk to the games nearby from this end of town? 

@Sarah Lorenz I do something similar for my rentals. I contacted the resource office for Medical students. They blast out the offering to all current and incoming students. I have an open house during orientation week. Never had a vacancy. Good luck on finding your buyer.