Dual Agent Malpractice

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A mother-daughter dual agent duo deliberate withheld my reduced counter offer so that they could maintain a higher commission. They also moved on to another offer before terminating my contract? How can I stop the new sell?

This is very unfortunate @BowmaniHowze- Do you have proof that your reduced counter-offer was not presented or that the terms of the other were not better than yours?  It doesn’t always come down to price.  If you and the Sellers had not agreed to all terms then you did not have a ratified contract.  Do you have proof that dual representation was part of the determining factor?  Sellers are responsible for selecting the offer that’s best for them and dual-agency complaints are usually filed by Sellers.  Did you have agent representation?  If you believe you’ve been unfairly treated, you can file a complaint against the Listing Agent with your local Real Estate Division.  -best of luck!

This I imagine is something you suspect, as I cant imagine how you possibly would have proof of ssid fact.