Social Media as a Real Estate Agent

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How do you guys feel about keeping private and business life separate on social media? I am not so worried about facebook because my personal profile is private and I will be using my business page for real estate purposes, not worried so much about LinkedIn either. What about Instagram and Twitter though? Should I have separate business and personal profiles and should I make the personal profiles private? I don't post much on twitter but I do post things on Instagram that could turn off potential clients and don't fit the brand I am trying to build as an agent (nothing bad, just things like hunting and fishing stuff that some people might not want to see). I also follow profiles on my personal accounts that could show my views on political / social issues which I do not want mixing with business. How do you guys manage your personal vs professional life online?

I honestly feel that the line shouldn't be so solid between the two. I feel that if your passionate about what you do, it'll spill into the personal side some. And by the same respect, you want some personality to the business side. Nothing is more artificial to me than a business profile with absolutely nothing but sell sell sell on it. My clients know that I have kids, the general area I live, and often we've talked about interests outside the realm of Real Estate. They are real people too. Having separate profiles is fine, combining business and personal on one can be awkward, but I wouldn't recommend "hiding" who you are. Sure, hunting and fishing may turn some off, but it may attract others. I always find that I enjoy doing business with people I actually enjoy being around. As long as you're not posting horribly offensive, prejudiced, or racist things, let your personality and interest spill through for some authenticity.

I ran another business before being a Realtor and have always found it best to simply be myself across all platforms, that way nobody's shocked if they meet someone somewhere who knows me from a different 'part' of my life, I'm the same person. It's all connected. Be conscious of it, but don't be scared not to please everyone!

@David Nacco There are a lot of books written on the fact that humans are social beings and we buy or gravitate towards people or things that we relate with. This is why a major piece of selling is finding a way to empathize with the buyer. Buying decisions are emotional first and logical second. Just read, "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss, or "Pitch Anything" by Oren Klaff for some information on this. 

Why do I highlight this? There is great power in using social media and combining both personal/business into one. I would say especially for a real estate agent. There are a thousands of real estate agents, however displaying authenticity and connecting with the viewer on a personal level will trump all the logical or "business" presentations.

That being said, I say just be yourself and keep them together. Unless your target audience are the Fortune 500 for example, your viewer will most likely connect more with pictures of your family and your why, then posts in a professional separate business account.

Your personal Facebook and Instagram pages are the beat lead generating platforms available. Vhoose to use them or not for that purpose is your choice.

@Russell Holmes Thanks for the feedback I didn’t think about it from that perspective. I probably will be incorporating them both into one then, I just thought I’d see what others are doing to be sure.