Property Manager Working w Broker--- Question

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HI All,

I am in based in Pennsylvania and am wondering if someone can have a property management company under a broker and use a separate business name.


ABC Property Management works under a broker at Keller Williams or Cold Well Banker


does the property management company need to be called Cold Well Banker Property Management?


I believe they can have their own name, property management is usually run as a separate business within a real estate business. I know of one just recently in PA that has done just that, they changed their name of the property management side of the business from the real estate name.

NAL but my understanding is that a PM company in PA simply has to have a broker's license. This could be a shareholder with 1 share that is a broker or it could be a parent entity that is a brokerage. @Alex Deacon would be a good resource to reach out to on the specifics as he has his own RE Brokerage and PM companies.