Best CRM and why it works best for you

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I don't know if this has been discussed before, I have had a not so successful experience with a CRM, so I am seeking recommendations for a more user friendly system. Please tell me why you recommend it and in what way it is helping you. Thank you so much.

Hi @Michele Patterson ! I have used several and have landed on Followup Boss because of the smooth user interface and powerful functionality, especially when paired with some other systems -- like Zillow paid leads, Curaytor, etc.

I am currently using LionDesk as it was part of the association that our KW uses. So far, I am not a huge fan (I should throw them a bone since I've only had them for a week). I will definitely check out FollowUp Boss over the weekend. Thank you all!! 

For those of you using Follow Up Boss, what kind of website are you using? Are you happy with the integration from your website to your CRM? It looks enticing but I'm hesitant to move away from my all-in-one CRM that includes a website. 

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