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This pertains a little more to real estate agents. I have been an agent for a little over a year now. Had an awesome year last year and a way better one already this year. I am starting to get to the issue where I have a large sum of clients and want a CRM to keep track of them all.

For other agents out there or anyone that has an answer, what is your favorite CRM to use? I would like it to be free to start so I can see if I like it or not. I have tried a few and am not a fan of what I have used. Any and all suggestions would be great!

Thanks BP community! 

Every brokerage should provide you with a pretty decent CRM these days. Which one does your brokerage provide? If theirs sucks, FollowUp Boss was the best I've used by far, but it's expensive. HubSpot has one for free that is pretty solid as well. But I would double-check with your brokerage so you aren't missing out on a free CRM with website capabilities baked in.

Jon, I have tried to use theirs and I’m not a huge fan. I use HubSpot for my investor mailer list, it’s “okay”. Thank you for the suggestion 

I’m using RealOffice360 and I’ve tried Lion Desk in the past.  From what I can see there isn’t a one size fits all option out there.  RealOffice uses Mail chimp for emailing so it’s not a native option.  Lion Desk was a little clunky but they have since updated the platform so it looks a little nicer.

My suggestion would be to use the free trials and put in a few leads and see how it works with your work flow.  Even though I’m using RealOffice I’m going to not renew and revert back to our in house CRM. 

Like you, it’s not the best but it’s easier to use with our in-house marketing templates and prevents me for doing double entry on some items.  GL with the search.

I use Follow Up Boss - there's so many models of this but the best CRM is the one you use. Just pick one and start chugging away!

Jonathan: I'm curious about your FollowUp Boss experience. Are there specific features that blew you away compared to other CRMs you had used?

Dante: What about HubSpot didn't click for you?'

My personal experience: I've also used HubSpot a bit, but I did not take full advantage of its features. I use it through Gmail with HubSpot extension. That stopped me, from my understanding, using features like reminders, retailers, etc.

I used Moxiworks that was provided by my brokerage and it was clunky and didn't have features I would have expected. I switched to Top Producer and have had good experiences. TP has launched a beta of an updated user-friendly interface that has made things pretty easy to navigate, too. Still a few glitches but all-in-all, I'm happy. 

@Danté Belmonte , the "Top 11: RE-specific CRMs" contains a list of 11 real estate agent specific CRM. All of them have only paid versions. Unfortunately, industry-specific CRM software is rarely free.

You can look in the direction of general CRM software. The "Top 22: Cloud general CRMs" contains 8 free CRMs.

You'll find both tops in my article "Top 50 CRM Software for Real Estate".

I do consider myself to be on the forefront of CRM area, so please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

In the past, I've used Contactually, Follow Up Boss, Lion Desk and Cloze. Of those ones, Contactually was my favorite because it made it very easy to add new contacts and sort them into buckets. The integration with Gmail was great, but it didn't have ease-of-use with the other bells and whistles you may find in a higher end CRM. 

I'm now using Boom Town and absolutely love it. I heard about it on the Super Agents Live podcast and reached out to them. Their customer service, responsiveness and support is stellar (by the way I get no money or kickbacks of any kind, just an honest review). Boom Town is a CRM with a custom IDX website that looks very professional. It is designed as a lead capture tool and the company runs ads on Facebook and Google to generate traffic. Virtual assistants follow up with the leads that come in, and I can immediately call them from the app on my phone and log any notes and stage their in. Obviously, not all leads are actionable, but many are. 

The website comes with a blog, resources tab, and home valuation tool among other things. The more you build out the content on the site with short blog articles and resources for buyers and sellers, the higher the website is ranked in Google and the more effective the ads are. On the CRM side, we have a team package that can support 5 agents. As an admin, I have the ability to control who gets leads, track performance and run my own marketing campaigns. I probably can't mention all of the features in this post. 

I haven't used KVcore, but I hear the functionality may be similar. Overall, I think Boom Town is an incredible resource for new agents because its not just for contact management, its a comprehensive solution for managing online presence as well. I highly recommend.