Real estate Agent and Transitioning

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Hello all! So i have been going back and forth back and forth with deciding on getting my real estate license and for me its a huge jump. I wanted to know if any Realtors have any advice on how they transitioned from full time employee to full time agent. I was thinking about transitioning to an evening shift full time job so i could do real estate during the day and work my full time later. Or have any agents worked a full time during the day and have tried to make it work around their schedule because right now i have a rotating shift. Thanks

I have worked part-time as an agent while working full time in a corporate job in the past. It's a good way to start, because this business can be tough to get moving at first. Most clients want you to be available outside of working hours anyway, so it's pretty easy to make it work. Just be sure to choose a brokerage that has most of their training online, and is set up in a way that works for part-time agents.

I say it all the time: part-time agents will never be more than part-time successful.

People that jump in with both feet and put the effort in can build a successful business in one year or less. Keep in mind that's a general rule. There will always be things outside your control that can derail any business (health, relationships, politics, natural disaster, etc).

More important is to find a good mentor that will teach you how to develop leads. If you do your job well, those leads will produce sales and referrals. After 1-2 years, you'll be established and things will require less effort.

@Deja Williams great idea considering RE Agency as a path. 

I'd strongly consider the insight provided by @Joseph Cacciapaglia and @Nathan G.

As mentioned, mentorship is HUGE for new Real Estate Agents! Find someone who can help you break down the #s and help you set measurable goals for yourself as you get started. Starting part-time is great because it takes months to learn the basics AND get your business started.

Time blocking will be extremely important. I began as a part-time agent about 4 years ago and I used every free hour for cold calling, following up, learning my market (deal analysis practice), setting appointments, negotiating, etc. 

Lastly, please avoid this common pitfall: DO NOT focus your time on creating the best looking website, business card or logo in the beginning. 

Instead, focus on 3 things: 

1. Speak to people. Cold calling/prospecting, contact EVERYONE in your personal circle/sphere of influence, volunteer to host open houses for agents in your company/office.

2. Work to learn your market. Run hundreds of CMAs & analyze deals so that you have the market knowledge you need to earn the business of new clients and retain current clients.

3. Increase your sales/conversion skills. Learn and practice what to say and how to say it. Scripts can sound very 'salesy' early on but that will only be the case early on. If you 'wing it', you'll end up saying something completely different each call and won't know what works/doesn't work.

Best of luck to you moving forward!