Helping Distressed Homeowners as Agent / Broker

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Encourage them to act fast. If they are in a position to rework their loan, that would be #1. If lender won't work with them, act fast to save as much of their equity if they have any. I'm thinking many will have equity. Way too often they get overwhelmed and just ignore the letters and watch their equity disappear. If they can sell with equity they may also have a chance to save their credit, so they will be in a better position to buy again in the future. 2nd option if needed would be to work a short sale. They should communicate as much as they can with their lender to keep them updated on their situation.

There's also all kinds of things they may be able to do to generate extra income.  Rent rooms, turn it into AirBnb, liquidate their "stuff", rent garage spaces to people with nice cars, rent backyard pool for kids birthday parties (just saw that on facebook marketplace), if it is in the right place turn it into co-working space, turn it into a home school, turn it into group housing, turn it into a rental.   Be solutions oriented.