Hello BP members! Looking for some input in developing land that I acquired with a rental property in WA state. I own rental properties but have never developed before.  County, realtors & builders that I have met with have all been non-committal. The county planners want a definite plan before an official meeting, so I'm only given vague suggestions for "affordable housing".  The property is 3.5 acres and is zoned for 15k lots.  It's currently in 3 parcels.  Sewer is .6 miles away and may be worth bringing in to develop into multi-family.  City water, electricity and natural gas are at the property.  Where is the best place to start?  Even though I have multiple visions for this property, I will require some assistance to move forward.  The local housing authority isn't answering phones due to Covid.  Thank you for any suggestions as I want to put the best plan in place moving forward.  Stay safe out there.  Michael