Seller disclosure - handyman foundation work

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My client is interested in putting in offer for a home. Seller's disclosure show's, seller had foundation touchup (corner pop fixed) and according to the agent it was only cosmetic work.

Would you recommend this home to your client?

@John Mathew As a Realtor, your proper response is to recommend an inspection by a qualified individual.  Anything more and you're setting yourself up to get sued.

A smart person once told me "Don't be the source of the claim.  Be the source of the source."  For example, "how old is the roof?"  The correct answer is "The seller states that the roof is X years old."

Corner pops are pretty common, fairly easy to repair with Lowes kit.

I'd say 50% of the homes I see have corner pops....and I've probably been in 40000 homes or more.

@john mathew....the inspectors generally seem to say to repair them, so they don't get worse....water can get in the cracks and freeze and cause more damage....same with the concrete pops on the post tension cables along the edges...they're normally sealed but the concrete covering pops off.   You go buy a little mortar at Lowes and seal them up.  Most homeowners should be able to do this or handyman can do....  I personally don't think a foundation company would want to do this or is any more qualified to do it, than a handyman or maybe even the homeowner.

@Ross Barrera.... I'd just have to look at it.  My first thought is super old pier and beam homes often have problems and sometimes the issues aren't really just have to more or less live with wavey floors...they just can't make them flat.  Maybe that is the "beauty" or uniqueness or charm of living in an old house.