Is zillow ideal for every situation?

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Maybe I've been under a rock, but I think zillow's a pretty nifty tool. When looking to buy/flip, to what extent do you trust the listings? Are there any situations where it falls short (generally)? 

Depends where you are. They don't have all of the data in my area. The Zestimate is also just madness. Generally in real estate it's a good idea not to rely on one tool or source of data. Try to get a few and figure out where the informed consensus is.

Not interesting to me.  Too often the data is way off.  In my area I think if you go in about 10 houses, most people will have a much better idea of values and sales prices vs any online tool.

Zillow has virtually nothing to offer investors. It's great for agents who pay to advertise because the leads are hot and good, but for investors it's just window dressing. Sold data is incomplete, pending is barely there, and most photos are removed after sale, so current listing data is all that's there so I don't know why it would be worth anything when it's public to everyone.

Zillow has always been a nifty tool, but you need to take it with a grain of salt. Zestimate are sometimes wildly off and could be misleading. Zillow often shows houses for sale when they're not or they list old foreclosure data. It was a cool tool 10 years ago but I rarely go there any more.

This is all really good to know, thanks so much everyone! What tools would you recommend instead/as a supplement? Hopefully they don't have the same drawbacks. Might create another post asking this later on too.