Signing first contract

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signing my 1st contract today with a realtor, should I included my legal name or business entity to protect myself even though i have the right clauses in tact?

@Mysonne Johnson Can you be a little more specific on the contract you are signing? If its just a buyer contract than your legal name should be fine. If its a purchase contract, then depending on how you will be financing it (hardmoney), use your business entity. 

Yes if you are doing cash, hardmoney or private money it would make sense to use business name and address. If you are using any kind of bank financing, they will want to make sure the business itself can support the loan in which case if you dont have income coming into the business (yet) you would have to use your personal information. 

You can double check with your financier before submitting the contract to make sure. Unless of course you are cash then you dont need to worry about it. 

@Mysonne Johnson one last question, should i broadcast the deal after i send the contract over to title?

Generally, it's best to sign the purchase & sale agreement in the name of the entity that you intend to close or finance it in. That said, it is easy for the title company to change the closing entity prior to financing and signing.