Anyone Tried The Fundrise App?

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I have been getting a ton of adds for Fundrise recently. The concept seems magnificent.

Anyone here have any experience with the app that could spare some knowledge to a new user? Thanks

I have been using Fundrise since last November and since then I have earned a return of 4.6% on my money.  Given that I have been using the app for not very long and all I need to do is give my money, I would say I am having a good experience with it so far.  The redemption fees are a bit much but other than that I would 100% recommend investing with Fundrise.

If you hold out for longer term, and invest a decent amount, you could score 10-20% ROI in your account. I've invested since 2017. But it might depend on the fund offerings available. Some that were offered in 2017 or 2018 are no longer available for new investors.