Can a licensed Real Estate Agent own a property right away

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Being licensed, or not, has nothing to do with being able to own a simply need the cash for the down payment and closing costs, decent credit score and a decent income verses your debts.

Anyone can own property right away. A real estate agent is qualified to buy/sell property, and they can usually start that right away if they meet all the requirements.

Right away....anyone can do....owner/buyer sign a deed, file it at the courthouse and away you go.

Could be more complicated than that and take more time...for example if you want a new survey, title insurance, financing, inspections and more.

But really as simple as the first line.  Been there, done that.  No contract.  Just a dead and a filing fee to the county clerk.

I believe in Florida, a licensed real estate agent must disclose their licensed status to both buyers and sellers when purchasing or selling personally owned real property or risk a complaint filed with FREC for failing to abide with the full disclosure requirements of F.S. 475.278