New York real estate agents

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Right here! Both an agent and an active investor myself!

Personally, I am very bullish on New York and NYC itself. Sure it suffered due to COVID, but you want to buy when there is distress. I think all the folks who moved away are already getting bored and already coming back. Plus, the vaccine is getting rolled out which will curb the spread tremendously. Now is the time to buy.

Moreover, the FED has printed so much money (~25% of all dollars in existence were created during COVID). This has been reflected in real estate nationwide except NYC which is a laggard. We know inflation is skyrocketing and RE has taken off, New York is a matter of time. Get on the rocket before it takes off.

What sorts of deals are you shopping for?

Hi Alexander

Thanks for your response.

I live and work in Saudi Arabia currently with the aim to relocate to the US at some point.

I’m considering studio, 1 and 2 bedroom flats to market them in the Gulf.

The whole world has been impacted by COVID19, but Gulf states are in a position to recover much quicker. The properties would marketed to investors and professionals who are interested in buying the US.

Developments are another option to look for, where they invest over a number of years.

How does that sound?