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So I’ve been thinking a lot about rebranding myself. I have been in the business full time for 5 years. I feel like there are 2 things that set me apart from most agents in my market. 1. I am fairly heavily tattooed, full sleeves. 2. I am a musician, country music singer/songwriter. 

Any ideas how to use these things or include them into a personal brand? 

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IMO the most important thing about your brand is being authentic. People can get caught up trying to maintain an image/brand online but, their close friends, family, and peers know it's not them. If you're looking to rebrand, lean into who you are and what makes you "you".

Great advice! Thank you!

What do either of these things have to do with being an agent? I'm not trying to be combative, I'm trying to spark thoughts.

Knowing my market, knowing how a transaction works, advising my clients based on THEIR needs, and helping them navigate this horrible market right now is what makes me a great agent.

What makes YOU a great agent? Why should someone choose to work with you over another agent in your market?

THIS is what you should be focusing on promoting. 

I agree with @Mindy Jensen . The tattoos and music are ancillary things that could help build your personal brand on Instagram, but it does not tie in directly with your value as a realtor. Maybe in your five years, you have established that cred, but what are you really rebranding? Maybe it's just about being more open about the things that make you you and letting your business speak for itself. If you've been hiding those parts, I agree with @Cody Lewis that clients now want to know you are a real person too, but a good realtor first. I have a musician on my team and we created a niche for him to work with 1099 creatives, with the assist of a lender, and develop a way to help them know how to get pre-approved. That could be a good angle for your interests.

Ahhh the elegance of REAL marketing for todays market.

The separation between high  performance  while  having the courage to show yourself is a truly compelling package.

I would show more of who you are and what you love while hiliting how you continue to bring real value to your customers  in your stories. Who doesnt want to work with a true profession who they can even relate to .

You may find your begin to attract new relationships because they relate to who you really are on top of running your business really really well

Enjoy this process and kudos on finding the nerve to put YOU out there.

Brad, before I did real estate or construction I was into marketing and branding. I did well, it is how I funded my company when I began. Branding is huge but if you're looking for more leads you aren't going to get them by telling potential clients that you're better than the next guy for whatever reason, you're not going to get more clients by charging less or charging more. You need to learn sales better. 

You need to dominate the ad market space in your area, google, facebook, instagram, realtor, and zillow. Realtor and Zillow are low performing ad buys but you need to be showing up on all of those places. If your ad says "Looking to sell your house? Send me a message!" you will fail. Share only what you've done, make the ad seem natural and talk to people like they're real human beings, return their calls immediately, follow up on your leads immediately and hire an SEO company to start pumping your website up. 

Do not make your website fancy, don't try to put MLS integration into your website, you will never compete with Zillow or Trulia. All you need is a fast loading, simple landing page that ranks well locally. SEO will take 1+ years to see good results. I use this guy - 

Even if you don't use him, look at how fast his website loads, look how he has a pop up immediately to collect your information, everything is clear and well presented. No one cares about you, they care about themselves and they want immediate gratification and instant results. You not only need to sell their house, you need to sell yourself and be genuine when doing it.  If you say "Dude" or "cuss" a lot, don't try to filter it out. If you say "uhm" a lot or are afraid of having silence, then you definitely need to eliminate that though lol. People like those who are genuine and they don't want to feel like they're in a marketing trick.