North Carolina Real Estate Exam

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Hello everyone, 
I am scheduled to take my NC real estate exam on Monday. My education was through the CE shop and according to their system, they say I am "ready" to take it. I have been studying a lot but I just feel like there is so much material, that I will never feel ready. Is anyone who has taken the federal real estate and NC state exam able to provide some last-minute tips to passing the first try?

Hey Will, I thought the national was much easier than the NC state portion. Really know the Appendix A information. Also know all about AGENCY, every way shape and form. I only had a couple math questions too, so that was not a factor at all. Good luck and take your time, you'll do great. 

Congratulations.... a few things....get a good rest night before.   Drink plenty of water the day of the exam....helps your brain function.

Answer what you know and if it allows you to skip and come back to questions you don't know.   Then you can spend more time on those you don't know.  Read the question a couple of times to make sure you understand the Q.   Normally you might know a couple of answers that just aren't true, so you can eliminate those, then use your best guess from the two remaining or maybe the one that is left.

Best wishes and good luck.