REA commitments and company suggestions

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My end goal is to become a broker. One of the ways you can be a broker in Michigan is through getting your real estate agent license and working for a company for 3 years in a 40 hour a month job before going through the rest of the education. In this time you're supposed to have 5 sales per year. 

Problem is, I don't want to be tied down entirely from this pursuit. I have certain investment activities and personal commitments that I can't really get away from. Additionally, covid has made our family really uncomfortable when close to other people. We do it when necessary but we'd really like to avoid contact. I know it isn't realistic to most people to expect fully distanced but it would be nice to find something that's a bit more on the online side.

How can I satisfy this 40 hour commitment without this new job dramatically interfering with my existing commitments? Do you know of a company that operates in Michigan that would suit these needs well?

Why don't you start investing, get an agent's license and worry about the broker's license later?

Worrying about it now, is just stopping you from moving forward.

WHY do you think you want your broker license as opposed to an agent license? The only difference is you can Own the business, which brings an incredible amount of additional regulations and compliance and administration issues to deal with. 
Since you have to be an active agent for 3 years anyway, go ahead and get started. 

The alternative is to hire a broker for a business that you form and own. 

What's the reasoning behind that you want to be broker?  Maybe you can accomplish this in a different way.

There are reasons behind the process.  For too long there were too many incompetent and uneducated brokers, who are supposed to have a higher level of knowledge and expertise than someone with a salesperson/agent license.  Thus the increased requirements, which are still in some ways fairly minimal...five sales a year.   Some people say you need about 10,000 hours of experience, practice, training to become an expert in any field.  You will likely be held to a higher standard as a broker vs just having a salesperson/agent license so you want that expertise.