Part Time Realtor in NYC?

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Hello BP community! 

I'm wondering if working part time as a real estate agent in NYC is worth the time and money. 

Just a little about me, I'm 27 and saving for my first investment property. I'm from Connecticut and plan to invest there as I know the area well and it's an easier market to break into than NYC. I work a 9-5 in media, but do have free time on nights and weekends to focus on a second stream of income. If I enjoy the work and do OK I'm open to shifting into working as an agent full time. Thanks in advance for your help! 

@Jarrett Chouinard

Congrats Jarrett!  I am a Realtor and investor here in the Tampa, Florida area.  As and investor yourself, you probably don't want to have to do Real Estate full time as your job.  The reason is, if you work retail you will be showing high end real estate to buyers and listing properties for sale.  It's a 60 hour a week job with no weekends or holidays off.  You also won't want to sell to investors due to the fact that you will want the best deals out there.  As an investor it's great to be able to negotiate your own sales, I wouldn't quit the day job until you have enough investments to supply your income.  You can become a full time real estate investor.  They are two different things.  You can still help friends and family with real estate but unless you really want to do customer service...that's all real estate is, customer service in big houses and fancy love what I do!!!!  If you really like your job and are paid well, then I would stay doing that until you can retire with your investments.  Its really hard to become a top selling agent, its starting your whole life over with a new career starting from the ground up.  You can be great!  You get to be your own boss...You can make it whatever you want.  Best of Luck!!!!!