Rookie Year Real Estate Agent

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Good afternoon, I’m a newer agent(ending my first full year) I’m on track to be rookie of the year for my brokerage!(11 closed transactions) looking for some tips from the more experienced agents on how I can grow from here? Thank you in advance, I will try to be as responsive as possible!

Congrats on the closings and good luck on the Rookie of the Year!

My advice:

  • Get a business plan of where you want to be and work backwards to layout the steps needed to get there.
  • Get your systems and tech in place now, so its routine and you can scale with ease.  There is little difference between 10 transactions and 50 transactions if you have proper systems.
  • Get a good CRM.  If your broker provides one, great!  If not, get one that can scale and grow with you.  I am a HUGE fan of Follow Up Boss.
  • Remember your past clients.  Follow up with them in meaningful ways and they will pay it back. 
  • Invest in yourself and your tools.