Refinancing a Performing Duplex with no W2 Salary (Laid Off Work)

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Hello! I've talked to several banks, and they won't cash out refinance a duplex I had bought in my name and have owned for 5 years because I don't have a W2 job due to being fired. The property cash flows and was appraised last month at $400k. I am in a financial pickle without being able to refinance. All the numbers are below for reference, but I don't know how to take out the equity I've accrued. Any help or insight would be amazing! Or, if you are open to having a discussion about refinancing, I'd be happy to do that as well. Thanks so much!

Outstanding Principal - $200,257.52

Monthly Payment - $1,672.81 ($139.26 is PMI)

Interest Rate - 3.25%

Rent Collected - $2,200 ($1,100 per side)

Option 1 is to cash-out refinance via a non-QM loan such as the Debt Service Coverage Ratio loan. No income documentation required. Option 2 is to start another W-2 job - as soon as you have a job offer letter we can use that income towards your qualification. 

@Adam Wright I agree with Reid. You'd be surprised how close a DSCR based option can get to that rate. It will be a bit pricier but you can go as high as 75% cash out, 30 year fixed, vest in an LLC if you'd like, and this would all have zero DTI requirements.