Looking for A friendly Broker in Alameda County for mentors hip

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Hello, I am looking to learn about real estate investing in Alameda County from a Broker who deals with real estate investments only. I am new to investing and I want to understand investing from a seasoned Broker who will deals strictly with investments. I don't have much to offer as a newbie but I am willing to offer my help to you in anyway possible. I listened to one of the podcast and it talked about how use BiggerPockets as a means to network with fellow BiggerPockets subscribers. Well, with that said I'm looking forward to a response from my post and hopes of connecting with some savvy real estate brokers.

would you be willing to learn from non-broker, but seasoned investors instead? I'm sure there's lots of people here with experiences but not a broker :). 

I'm for one open to learn from anyone who has anything I don't know yet, about RE investment. 

and welcome to the site. 

Hello @Kevin Breazeale  ,  

    Welcome onboard.  I have been trying to find a suitable property to buy in Fremont, CA. ** Am not a broker, but like to invest** 

I have lived there for 6 years and very familiar with most of town. But the hard part if finding the "suitable" property which is scarce in Fremont. If you do have inventory, I am very much interested to talk to you. --- Here goes your first client :) .. 

Anyways, it is a tough market for deals, so I am open for anything in Union City, Hayward and upto San Leandro.  Please talk to me about any kind of properties in these towns. 



Hello Nhi & Naveen, thank you you both for your reply. Nhi I will keep your suggestions and continue to post on the board. If I have anymore questions I will definitely contact you.

Naveen, thank you. I will definitely keep you in mind for any investment properties in my area also in the San Leandro area. Give me some ideas on what your looking for. When you get a chance forward your contact information.


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