Hello, just wanted to drop a note.

I offer lending in the following areas:

Investment Properties
Super Jumbo Financing

If you have a deal that seems to be falling through the cracks before christmas time... give me a call... We can pick it up and get it closed..

you can always reach me via phone or email...

I have over 700 banks, private lenders, hard money, commercial lenders, and mortgage lending institutions!!!

I offer honest, up front service, integrity, hands on underwriting, and daily updates with your transactions... with me, you're #1

I make about 60 calls a day/night and can research the best lending program for your loan scenario... after all, that's what I do... I've got lenders comercial and residential screaming at me with lending programs and loan scenarios!!! They're emailing me 100 times a day with their ratesheets and guidelines, just beggin me for more...

Need 100% Financing? Stated income/Stated Assets !! up to 2 million residential allowed!! Full doc 6+ million...
Need 100% Financing for a first time home buyer? 560 credit score gets you in at 80/20
Need to buy a bunch of investment properties? no limits!
Need lending on a mobile home park? 25% down! I'll get it done.
Need to finance that dream home from ground up? Get your blueprints ready!!!
Need to purchase Multi Famliy Apartments? We've got it!
Want to know about seller paid grants? Forgivable Seller seconds? call me.
Need to purchase a home and you don't have the money to fix it up? Look no further! I can provide you with that Renovation purchase transaction!!
Need a commercial loan? check out my website for details on what type of properties we have access to...
Need a partner for your investment success? Try me. We can work together... I can oofer you the very best in mortgage lending!! That's what I do...

Put simply, if there's a buyer, we have a lender... It's all in the communication, the "know how" to get things done, the understanding of how banking and mortgage underwriting works, the networking of lenders, the "product knowledge", the ability to be accessible, the creative ability in offering solutions and overcoming obstacles, and the positive attitude that is needed in this business!

So let's make you some money, cause I've got money to lend!!!