HELOC from Credit Unions

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am looking for responses from people that has used credit unions in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs for HELOCS. 
My wife gave me a home with no mortgage in Dolton, IL. before we separated. I have been on the deed for a few months. Has anyone had any experience with lenders that will still do HELOCS for short times on deed or does that matter? If I wanted to take out a HELOC would that pose a problem? It is my primary residence. I started renovating it then ran into a cash crunch. Do the CU's do a full appraisal or market valuation on the property? Will the CU take into account that I am in the process of renovating when they do either an appraisal/valuation? Most importantly, I am looking for suggestions on CU's that offer great terms and conditions in the Chicagoland area. Apologize for the lengthy post.