Hello all!! I am trying to do a short refi with Litton and I am having a problem. I am wondering if anyone has been successful with this and can help steer me in the right direction. My client currently owes $512,000 Litton offered him a short payout of $409,000 the property is appraised at around $625,000. It is currently owner occupied but he is trying to refi as an investment property with his daughter and wife on the loan (They are both on the deed), going Full doc with both of there credit scores 700+, income both 100k a year. The deal seems like a slam dunk. I have a payout letter for 409,000. but the credit agency needs to verify the payout verbally for the deal to go through. However the person handling the loan will not verbally state to the credit agency 409,000. Which I do not understand the reasoning if he already sent it in writing. If you can help in any way or have done this kind of deal before I would really appreciate it. Please PM me my email address is [EMAIL REMOVED]. Thank you all in advance.

Kevin Keating