is looking for people of the highest quality to bring onto our team. At TEN, we provide our originators with all of the tools necessary to maximize their origination and closing potential. STOP THROWING AWAY YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND BECOME AN IBA TODAY!


Our IBA platform allows you total control over your loan file from start to finish. As an IBA, you will originate each loan, select the investor of your choice, process and close each of your loan files. You will use your own mortgage software in conjunction with TEN's fully interactive BackRoom. Our BackRoom includes such features as:

Real-Time Accounting
Real-Time Quality Control
Lead Retrieval Database
Searchable Lender Database
Online Pre-Qual & Pricing Tool
Marketing Tools
Approved Appraiser/Title Companies
Nationwide Internal Company Discussion Forum
Licensing in Multiple States

IBA Compensation

Simply put, our IBA compensation structure is the most attractive in our industry today. Each IBA simply pays a flat monthly fee of $300.00 and $60.00 per funded file - that's it! For example, if you close one loan in one month, you will pay $360.00. If you close 7 loans in one month, you will pay $720.00. If you close 20 loans in one month, you will pay $1,500.00. YOU KEEP YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

For more information about our IBA platform, visit and become an IBA today!