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Does anyone have recommendations on specific conferences that may be fruitful for finding private equity?

Most of our projects we have coming up are going to require something of about $1-3 in equity with pretty standard market IRRs. While we're meeting with both institutional equity groups as well as private ones, I'm trying to locate what some of the annual best conferences are that may draw potential investors. Anyone have any recommendations? Obviously willing to pay a decent amount to get into the ones that could be beneficial

I think IMN  may be a place to go.

other wise look for angel investing events or family office events..

there is one in CA called Kieritsu forum..   spelling may be off..

@Benjamin Holt there is another one called pit bull conference as well which is private and hard money. I have never been so cannot comment on it

AAPL (American Association of Private Lenders) meets every November in Las Vegas and there is a lot of Investor money floating around there.

Thanks all! These are good starts! Appreciate the comments

To get private capital you need to get the latent investor. Those who don’t go to these.

These conferences are for those with established brands and to bump the conference sponsors brand.

I would suggest going to some family office conferences, a simple google search would get you some results.

@Benjamin Holt Don't think going directly to family office conferences is going to help you out. Building on @Lane Kawaoka point, you need to establish your brand and track record. Your company website looks impressive but if you don't already have relationships lined up, attending these conferences will not be good from a pure capital raising perspective. Those will come later. The conferences are just to see what's out there and potentially have first conversations.

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