Seeking Lender Advice for Out-of-State Investing

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Hello. Newbie here,

I'm considering investing in rental property out-of-state and I've narrowed it down to 2 or 3 cities. I'm wondering which type of lender is better to seek out at this stage: Small local banks within the communities I'm considering? Or a large national lender? Just to be clear, I will eventually narrow it down to just one city, when ready to buy; I was just thinking that if I approach a national lender, they could provide me with options for all 3 cities at the same time. Advice would be greatly appreciated.

@Philip C. If you have local bank and you know their products pick that lender if they can lend in those states. Its doesn't matter  whether its big bank or small bank if they have your products and you meet their guidelines go with that bank. Its all about relationship.