Hard money/ private money lenders

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Hi BP fam!

Im just looking to connect and build a professional relationship with all BP hard money lenders and private money lenders! Feel free to private message me any rates and add me 🙂

@Alissa Warren Lenders and other service providers are not allowed to discuss rates and terms here in the forums and they are also not allowed to message you details about their services in the message portal either.  You'll have to initiate that conversation or the lender/service could be banned from using the platform which would be a shame.  Per @BiggerPockets Support @BiggerPockets .com

You'd be better off posting this in the marketplace. 

All the best!

also you will now no doubt be contacted by a fake lender or two.. do NOT GIVE OUT INFORMation and do not send any money.

@Alissa Warren I would try to fish in your own pond first. Go to local REI meetings and/or reach out to HML's in your market. Other successful investors have used them or at least know who they are. They have a reputation and are trying to protect it. Build a relationship with them. It also helps to have a deal to discuss:).

As Jay pointed out there are a TON of online lenders/brokers...some good and some bad.  The bad ones really don't care about you, your deal or you even making money.  Some are scams that prey on new investors who don't know the process and get taken for a ride, which is why I recommend going the local route.  Best of luck.

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