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I am looking for a realtor and lender in the Lake Charles, LA area. I am 27 years old, currently saving for a multi-family, and fairly new to RE. I would like recommendations and basically network with them early before I take that next step. If you have any one person or a few please reply to the message. Thanks.

Welcome to the journey, Tevin!  

I'd love to offer you this bit of advise:  find one, just one, member of your team there in Lake Charles that you know, like, and trust and leverage their network.  For example, if you find an agent you know is a rockstar, then the lender, title company, appraisers, inspectors, and contractors are going to make a dream-team for you.  

Many people go about collecting a team of un-related heavy-hitters and then putting them together for a deal.  That can work, but you'll pay yourself dividends by shortcutting the process and borrowing your trusted vendor's team AND they will work better together.

When I have a new client come in and tell me "here's my lender, and for inspections I've got this person, etc" it's doable, but it is slow and we're not as efficient at making magic as we could be.  However, when people come in and borrow my team, we move at a fast pace and make waves.  That works well for everyone.

So, use their network and make waves!



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